Under 21: Gigi Phillips

When asked about other plans, Gigi Phillips laughs. “I am very competitive and I really enjoy the various divisions and moving up the ranks. Also, I just love being around the animals. I kind of decided what I liked from a young age and I just have been ‘all-in’ with horses.”

Under 21: Logan Starnes

At the age of 13, Logan Ryan Starnes already has plenty of experience with winning. As the son of the Quarter Horse breeders and trainers Jay and Kristy Starnes of Manning, South Carolina, the young cowboy may have come by riding inevitably, but his mother says he didn’t exactly take to it at first. Apparently, his first pony, Bullwinkle, was a strong-willed type, and it wasn’t until Logan graduated to full-sized horses that he started to enjoy riding.

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