Top Tip

Marsha M. Severt, DVM, CVA, CVEMMP
Brown Creek Equine Hospital, PA
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Spinal manipulation, also referred to as chiropractic, serves to restore normal range of motion to joints in the horses' body. This allows the horses' neuromuscular system to perform at its optimum and can therefore keep your athlete in top performance condition. 
A complete evaluation takes each joint in the horses' body through range of motion. When a restriction, or decrease to normal range of motion is encountered, an adjustment is made. An adjustment is a high velocity, low amplitude force that is very specific to the area of interest. Horses often respond to an adjustment by licking, chewing and relaxing. 
As equine sports medicine has taken on an integrative approach in recent years, more noninvasive practices such as spinal manipulation have increased in popularity. This therapy can not only treat current issues in your horse, but can help prevent injury by maintaining joint health.