Every month we will feature health and safety tips from Veterinarians around the region!

Our first Top Tip comes from Dr. Marsha Severt with Brown Creek Equine Hospital in Polkton, NC.   Check them out at www.browncreekequine.com.

Mesotherapy-w500-h500Mesotherapy in Horses

Mesotherapy is a treatment that involves injecting the mesoderm, or middle layer, of the skin with extremely small needles to deposit medications to help alleviate neck or back pain in horses. Examples of conditions that are treated with mesotherapy are muscle pain, arthritis, kissing spine, and sacroiliac pain. 

The depth of injections is very small, typically 4-6 millimeters. Rows of injections are used to span the area being treated and are absorbed into the skin over time. The small bumps left at the injection sites disappear around 24 hours. The injections stimulate various nerve fibers in the middle layer of the skin to quiet down pain signaling and thus providing relief for the patient.