Duke The Carolinas Equestrian 01Aubrey and one of her wonderful doctors at Duke Children'sThe Duke Show was founded in 1984 to reach out and help a little girl being treated at Duke Children’s Hospital.  The first two-day, local horse show was held on a rainy November weekend at the Gov. James B. Hunt Horse Complex.  The event raised $3,000 for Duke Children’s.  That first Duke show was in response to a need . . . that same feeling continues today with the ‘Jump for the Children’ Horse Shows.

Under Triangle Farms management and a wonderful committee of volunteers the ‘Jump for the Children’ Horse Show has grown into two back-to-back weeks offering USEF Premier Rated AA Hunters and 4* Jumpers, drawing in over 600 horses from up and down the East Coast.  ‘Jump for the Children’ is the longest, continuously held fundraiser for Duke Children’s.  “We are proud to have topped the $2.1 million mark for Duke Children’s, one of the world’s foremost children’s hospitals.  For the 35th year of the Duke show, our mission remains the same ~ ‘Jump for the Children’ offers the best in equestrian sport and ‘Makes a Difference’ in the lives of the children,” says Joan Petty, Chair of the ‘Jump for the Children’ Horse Show.

Duke The Carolinas Equestrian 02Fernando Cardenas celebrating his 1st and 2nd wins of the $50,000 Duke Children's Grand PrixEvery year ‘Jump for the Children’ and Duke Children’s share a story of one of the young warriors to show how the funds raised truly make a difference in children’s lives.  Aubrey was born with spina bifida, which causes scoliosis, a curvature of the spine.  Before Aubrey came to Duke, she was facing a true crossroads in her young life.  The curve in her spine was worsening. She was fitted with an uncomfortable brace, and her family moved from their home in Virginia to North Carolina to be closer to Duke Children’s.  Aubrey and her family worried how her scoliosis would continue to impact her life.

Duke Children’s had an incredible solution for Aubrey: physicians implanted in her back a MAGEC (MAGnetic Expansion Control) rod that can be lengthened to accommodate growth by remote control, without surgery.  Aubrey comes to Duke Children’s every three months for a quick, painless, 15-minute lengthening appointment.  Then, she heads back to school, her friends, and her busy life, avoiding the many complications of surgery and the interruptions of long hospital stays.  She is now in the fourth grade.  She plays wheelchair basketball, has participated in adaptive surfing and snow-skiing, and recently began playing sled hockey.  She rides a therapeutic horse named ‘Diablo’ and has joined a 4-H team to learn more about horses and how to care for them.  She also loves supporting her brother on the soccer field and snuggling with her dog, ‘Raleigh’.  Aubrey stays busy, and never needs to worry about slowing down due to surgery and recovery.  Aubrey is only one of countless patients who have received cutting-edge treatment and world-class care thanks to the physicians and staff of Duke Children’s.

Duke The Carolinas Equestrian 03Duke Children's cancer patient snuggling with Izzie and Aspen“’Jump for the Children’ makes a true difference in the lives of families,” says Amy Deshler, Senior Executive Director of Duke Children’s Development.  “Proceeds to Duke Children’s help support world-class patient care and cutting-edge research at Duke Children’s, research that includes studying the use of therapy pets as an alternative for anesthesia in pediatric cardiology testing environments.  We are grateful that ‘Jump for the Children’ sees the importance of this research, and that they are directing a portion of their donation directly to supporting these new pet therapy studies.  We cannot thank them enough.”

Duke Children’s is working with therapy dogs as an alternative to sedation during pediatric cardiology exams.  The ‘Jump for the Children’ community was very excited to see a portion of the funds raised going to support this initiative.

Triangle Farms is working hard to prepare for two great weeks of showing this November ~ ‘Jump for the Children’ I Nov. 7-11 and ‘Jump for the Children’ II Nov. 14-18.  Both shows will feature a $10,000 Welcome Jumper Stake and Saturday evening’s $50,000 Duke Children’s Grand Prix which packs the stands every year with over 3,500 spectators.  Triangle Farms is excited to announce three $10,000 Derbies this year ~ two USHJA International Derbies and one USHJA National Derby.

The horse show has a wonderful reputation for warmth and hospitality and has become a favorite among top competitors including many Grand-Prix and Olympic riders.  Triangle Farms and the ‘Jump for the Children’ Committee look forward to seeing everyone out to enjoy great showing and support the kids at Duke Children’s … because nothing matters more!

For more information visit www.jumpforthechildren.org or www.trianglefarms.com. Contact Joan Petty, Horse Show Chairman, at 919.556.7321 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information or sponsorship opportunities.


Duke The Carolinas Equestrian 04

The 2018 Duke Shows benefiting Duke Children’s

Back-to-back shows in Raleigh

Back-to-back International Derbies

USEF Premier AA ~ Level 4* Jumpers



‘Jump for the Children’ ~ Duke I

November 7-11, 2018

$10,000 Duke Welcome Jumper ~ Thurs

$10,000 USHJA International Derby ~ Fri

$50,000 Duke Children’s Grand Prix ~ Sat


‘Jump for the Children’ ~ Duke II

November 14-18, 2018

$10,000 USHJA International Derby ~ Wed

$10,000 Duke Welcome Jumper ~ Thurs

$10,000 USHJA National Derby ~ Fri

$50,000 Duke Children’s Grand Prix ~ Sat


Hunt Horse Complex, 4601 Trinity Road, Raleigh, NC


Photos courtesy of Triangle Farms