Tryon 2018 Veterinary Services Overview The Carolinas Equestrian 01Dr. Anne Baskett DVM DACVS & Dr. Bill Hay DVM DACVS - Tryon Equine Hospital Held every four years amongst the Olympic cycle, The FEI World Equestrian Games™ (WEG) is one of the biggest events on the global sporting calendar, combining eight equestrian World Championship caliber events, made up of the FEI disciplines – Jumping, Dressage and Para-Equestrian Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Endurance, Vaulting and Reining.

Preparations for the 2018 edition of the WEG are well underway and coming together at an incredible pace. Over the course of thirteen days, from September 11-23, 2018, competitors and spectators traveling from around the world will gather at Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC), in Mill Spring, North Carolina, for the FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018.

The upcoming World Championships have the potential to take the title as the largest sporting event in North Carolina history with approximately 500,000 spectators touching ground over the two-week time frame. Over 900 horses representing more than 70 countries will begin arriving September 2nd, 2018.

The WEG requires massive amounts of planning, and one of the most important components is the veterinary services and support for the equine athletes. In Normandy, and at the Olympic games in London and Rio (with only three disciplines competing) the number of veterinarians who volunteered their time and expertise was over 150, not including the state and federal regulatory vets. The number will be similar in Tryon.

Dr. Anne Baskett DVM DACVS and Dr. Bill Hay DVM DACVS, owners of Tryon Equine Hospital (along with Dr. Rich Metcalf), undertook the task of co Vet Services Managers (VSM) for the Tryon WEG less than a year ago, with the help of Dr. Yves Rossier from The University of Montreal. Rossier had been hired to be the VSM when the WEG was initially planned to be in Bromont, Quebec, and had begun initial plans for the competition.

Tryon 2018 Veterinary Services Overview The Carolinas Equestrian 02 The VSM job encompasses the planning, organization and implementation of all aspects of equine care and welfare, from the moment the horses arrive in the US to the time they embark on their return journeys back to their respective countries. Ten flights of horses ranging from 54 to 75 horses per flight will arrive at Greenville Spartanburg Airport once a day beginning on September 2. The horses will then be transported to Tryon International Equestrian Center under police, veterinarian and equine ambulance escort where they will undergo 42 hours of quarantine under the supervision of veterinarians from the United States and North Carolina Departments of Agriculture. Horses arriving from South America and Asia will undergo their quarantine at USDA quarantine facilities in Miami and Chicago and will then arrive by van to the site, as will the US and Canadian horses. Many hours of planning by the organizing committee, VSM, USDA, NCDA and the veterinarians from the transport companies have gone into creating the most streamlined protocols possible to allow the horses as much time as possible to relax and be ready for their competitions. The arrivals procedure will involve 15-20 vets, in order to get the horses off the aircraft and into their stalls as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A full Biosecurity plan has been devised that is specific to the TIEC venue and the North Carolina climate. To accomplish this, Drs. Hay and Baskett enlisted help from veterinarians from NC State University, including the Dean Dr. Paul Lunn as well as Dr. Josh Slater from the Royal College in London, England. This plan minimizes the risk of contagious disease outbreak and protects both the international and the domestic horse population.

Tryon 2018 Veterinary Services Overview The Carolinas Equestrian 04 A year ago, Drs. Hay and Baskett began identifying and assembling a team of veterinarians from the USA and around the world, who have years of experience working at major equestrian games, and equine veterinarians licensed and accredited in North Carolina. During competition, veterinarians will be present on all the fields of competition. More than 50 vets will be standing ready on cross country, driving marathon and endurance day. There will be horse ambulances also present throughout the competition venue, staffed by Polk County Equine Rescue, Massachusetts SPCA, and the 4HFES rescue group from Southern Pines, NC. A temporary vet facility will be constructed on site and will be staffed with surgeons, internal medicine and imaging specialists. Blood work, radiology, ultrasound and endoscopy will be available on site 24 hours a day. There will be FEI permitted treating vets and a full team of physiotherapists available for all horses. Tryon Equine Hospital will be the referral center for any horse that needs more intensive care and NC State and the University of Georgia Veterinary Hospitals will also be on standby.Tryon 2018 Veterinary Services Overview The Carolinas Equestrian 03

Tryon 2018 Veterinary Services Overview The Carolinas Equestrian 05 The large number of permanent stalls and infrastructure at Tryon International Equestrian Center make caring for this number of horses easier. This includes cooling stations, shaded loafing sheds near all the rings and fans in every stall. In addition, misting cooling fans, hydration stations and lots of ice will be available for cross country, endurance and driving competitions building on measures for cooling equine athletes established for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in in Atlanta.

Tryon 2018 Veterinary Services Overview The Carolinas Equestrian 06 Drs. Baskett and Hay intend to be prepared and organized for any eventuality that may occur during the games but hope that most of the planning will never be implemented. A veterinarian’s idea of a good competition is one where the horse ambulances and the vet trucks never move an inch!