Chris Hickey Douglas Hilltop Susan J Stickle 02 From taking rides around the neighborhood with his mom, Anita Hickey, on his lead line pony when he was a little boy to competing at the highest levels in dressage, Chris Hickey has done a little bit of everything.  He began his riding career with his father, Josh Hickey, and Uncle Allen Nelson who, “had crazy auction horses that they would trail ride, I grew up riding behind my dad in his saddlebags.”  He and his sister, Jacqui Hickey, were very involved in 4-H and as a teenager he worked at a neighbors’ Morgan farm in North Hampton, Mass., riding and showing their horses, citing the Fuller family as a huge influence in his life.  Soon he had several Morgan horses of his own and was out on the show circuit throughout Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and the New England region.  He did a bit of everything – saddle seat, hunt seat and driving, “it was a great experience, I had a ton of ‘horsey’ jobs growing up and they all helped make me into the rider and trainer I am today.”

Carolinas Equestrian World Equestrian Center 03Finley and Campbell Clement

"The Cadet Horsemanship program, a 30- minute educational session offered to junior riders every Saturday morning at WEC is fantastic! The girls of KS Sporthorses LLC learned all about hay the first week - what to look for in a good hay, why your horse needs hay and that a horse's stomach can be up to 5 gallons! The second week they learned all about ergonomic tack from the Antares representative. The third week the topic was A Day in the life of a Groom. The best part? Each week 39 kids are awarded $250 in a credit towards their show bill. One lucky rider is awarded a $500 credit! WEC is truly invested in creating a solid foundation for the future generations of riders."

- Lauren Clement
Horse Show Parent of Charlotte, NC