Dreamers & Schemers is a relatively new brand to the equestrian world, but it has taken it by storm. Started in April 2015 by Kristy Lake, “D&S puttered along, testing patterns and trying all sorts of different socks until we finally hit on the current iteration and relaunched the brand in February 2018.” And what a relaunch! People would be hard pressed to attend a horse event of any discipline and not find riders with staid breeches.

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D&S Started April 2015 and we puttered along, testing patterns and trying all sorts of different socks, until we manufactured the current iteration and relaunched the D&S brand in February 2018!

What’s your equine background?

I grew up riding horses in Ontario, in the Georgian Bay area. I competed on the Trillium and A Circuits until I left the area to go to school and subsequently moved to BC. I moved back to Ontario in 2012 and opened an Equestrian Boutique named Dapple Gray and that’s where my sock obsession started...

I have dipped in and out of riding as an adult, and am currently looking to add a horse back into my life. I spend a lot of time in Southern California every year, so it is hard to work out a riding schedule at home in Victoria. I am also a bit of a nervous rider now, so trying to manage that is an added layer of awesome 😉

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Where does your sock inspiration come from?

I get inspired everywhere! Just last night I was inspired by a slot machine in Vegas (I am currently at the Las Vegas National Horse Show) Get ready for alien space cows in 2019…

But in all honesty, The D&S fam jam on Instagram is always inspiring me and offering up the best ideas. I could not do it without them!

Goals with company?

SO MANY GOALS! I have a list of products to bring to market over the next 2 years and I am proud to say that we have gotten to the growth point where I now have a warehouse outside of my home, a warehouse manager, sales reps, a CFO and a COO! It is all so exciting and nerve-wrackingly wonderful. But don’t worry, I still work in my PJ’s most days 😉

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How did you get involved with DUKE Childrens show?

One of our FAB customers, Connie Smith, hooked us up with them. We are so grateful!

What other type events do you work with?

We make socks for all sorts of events, we are open to everything!

We have made customized socks for Longines New York, Noelle Floyd, for Breast Cancer Research and Pony Finals to name a few..

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What are some things you’ve learned as a biz owner?

Oh my goodness, where do I start? First of all, everyday brings its own challenges, everyday D&S is the biggest it has ever been. Up until this point, I have been running the ship solo (with the love and support of my family and friends) and taking the step to hire amazing, talented humans to shoulder the weight is both exciting and scary. It will be another learning curve for me, letting go of responsibilities, accepting that people have other ways of doing things that will yield similar outcomes, and learning to communicate and keep people in the loop!

I have ADD, depression and anxiety, so when I feel overwhelmed, I tend to either shut down or spin like a top. During those times, it’s hard for me to retain information, so I have really tried to work hard at creating systems for myself to harness my focus and energy during the times of the day that I am more centred. If any other new/small business owners ever want to chat about some of the things that I do, please reach out! I love helping :)

But enough about me, back to the business (of wearing your pyjamas for far too many days in a row. Seriously, my husband gets concerned)

Here are some of the other things that I have learned either personally or have observed over my many years of lurking on social media, in a bunch of improper sentences-

-You should try really hard to change your pyjamas every day.


-Don’t copy someone else business, be inspired, but find your own spin. It's a waste of time to rip someone off because eventually you will loose that spark. You are going to need to find your own passion, because when the going gets tough, you are going to have to dig deep into that passion to keep hustling.

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Here are a whole bunch in a row, just because I have a lot to say 🤣-

You are going to have challenges. You are going to fail a lot but it’s ok, if you never fail, you are not pushing yourself hard enough. You are going to loose friends. You are going to make new friends. You are going to feel so lost that you will cry. You are going to laugh so hard, you will cry. You are going to be so frustrated you will cry. You are going to be so excited that you will cry. You are going to see a stranger wearing your product in public and you will cry. You are going to cry for no reason at all. You will prob be horrible to your family at some point, so have some really good apology presents stashed away for emergencies. You are going to have some amazing wins. You are going to forget about them imm because there are still 276248 things on your todo list. DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR WINS. CELEBRATE YOUR WINS. DON'T LET ANYONE MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT YOUR WINS. You work your ass off, you deserve it. Bored yet? Nope? Good. Let’s keep going… Say thank you all the time. Be nice and kind and gracious to others- karma baby. Don’t get up in your head about other businesses, keep focused on your own thing, you are just wasting your time and spending your energy on things that don’t serve you. Don’t get discouraged if you mess something up with a customer, they will prob be really angry, and you will feel really bad but you are only human and sometimes mistakes happen. Alternately, sometimes people have unrealistic expectations and you will never make them happy, so don’t let it ruin you, they might just be having a bad day. Learn from all the customer service setbacks so you can try to avoid the same situations in the future. Don’t badmouth other brands or people. It not only makes you look bad but it is pointless, it takes time and brain space away from growing your own biz, and it’s bad karma. Know that you are not alone.


Who are some D&S sponsored riders/ambassadors?

We don’t have ambassadors per say, but we have worked with some amazing equestrian influencers such as:








And we sponsor
Ashlee Bond @ashlee.m.bond, Erynn Ballard @erynnballard and Kristy Miller @blackstarequestrian