Bre Avery Equestrian 01 Like most equestrians, Bre Avery was infatuated with horses as a child.  Inspired by her grandmother, Janet, an avid horse lover, Bre inherited and developed her love for horses and art.  Bre describes her grandmother as having “equestrian art all over her house and amazing photographs of her in the saddle.  She always got me birthday cards and gifts with horses on them.”  Bre nurtured her passion for horses and art, transforming her hobby into a business venture by creating her own fashion line, Bre Avery.

Bre Avery Equestrian 02 Bre launched her chic label in 2016.  With her fashion forward approach, the artistic designer adds an equestrian feel to much of her work.  Bre’s goal is to provide “equestrian accessories with a luxury feel.”  It is important to her to “create pieces that you can wear to the barn, but also hit the town.  This was something my friends, family and I all wanted to purchase, but it just wasn’t in the market.”  Bre debuted her mid-town Manhattan company with silk scarves.  Due to their versatile design, the scarves remain a top-seller.  Bre smiles, “clients can wear them to the barn, out to dinner, as a cover up, tie them into a bandeau or accessorize their handbag with them.”  Bre continues to expand her collection which now includes wallpaper, zip clutches, and iPhone cases, among other products.  Her design process is intricate and takes time, as she researches and tests the usability and effectiveness of all her products before launching a new item.  Before deciding to introduce a new product, Bre says, “I use it myself.  I take it everywhere with me and I have numerous other people testing it as well.  I take my own experience, along with all their comments, into account before launching something new.”  Bre is heavily influenced by trending colors and styles of the season so her designs always remain current and fresh.  As she says, “I strive to design pieces that are on trend with the rest of the fashion industry while catering to the equestrian lifestyle.”

Bre Avery Equestrian 03 Bre shares her grandmother’s affection for art, as well as horses.  Incredibly, there are hand-drawn elements in every one of her prints, including the wallpaper.  Bre uses her computer to repeat the print over and over, so that the repetition of the singular image is more efficient.

Like her grandmother, who “used to tell stories about favorite horses she owned and who always had a solution to any training problem,” Bre also enjoys riding jumpers.  She and her fiancé, Michael, own two horses together.  “Zosia” is a 6-year old Belgian Warmblood mare and “Bentley” is a thirteen-year old Hanoverian gelding.

Bre Avery Equestrian 04 With a personal passion for riding and fashion, Bre sponsors riders with similar dedication.  Bre looks “for [her] sponsored riders to be passionate about horses and style.”  Located in Southern Pines, NC, International Eventer, Whitney Weston, is a Bre Avery sponsored rider.  Whitney comments on Bre Avery, “Bre has such a fun and vibrant style.  Our powder room has her custom wall covering featuring a cool bit design.  Amazing what pops of color do for a room!”

With her success, Bre is a firm believer in philanthropy and is an advocate for animal rescue.  Although she has given to several different animal rescue organizations, she has a kinship for Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue, which rehomes retired race horses and has saved over 100 horses directly from slaughter.  Bre selects rescues that “truly puts the animals first and allocates their funds accordingly.”

Looking forward, Bre aims to launch a new collection every few months and will be “expanding beyond strictly equestrian designs” to enhance her collection.  Each category offers several color schemes and different styles, from a Chevron themed Pelham bit design to a linear D-ring bit design.  There are also several modern designs and a floral motif in all categories capturing the true artistry of Bre’s work.  Commenting on her fashion line, Bre says, “my customers have said that they appreciate the value and quality at our price point.” 

Bre Avery Equestrian 05 In 2018, Bre will also be initiating her “brand ambassador program” and is thrilled to include “new and talented equestrians” as part of her team.  Bre hopes to be more prevalent in the Carolinas by the fall with the Bre Avery line at regional events and in local boutiques and tack stores.

As Alice Walker once said, “Horses make a landscape look more beautiful.”  Bre Avery illustrates this statement by adding equestrian elements in her designs.  She allows the world to see the unique beauty of the horse in her detail.  For more information about Bre and the Bre Avery line, please visit

Photos courtesy of Bre Avery