Project 2 Heal The Carolinas Equestrian 01 Project 2 Heal is on a mission to heal the world, one Labrador puppy at a time.  While this mission sounds charming, and is accomplished with undoubtedly, the most adorable furry accomplices, the work of this Waxhaw, NC, nonprofit is serious and is saving and changing lives.  

It all began when Charlie Petrizzo was young and faced with a series of painful, life altering experiences.  As he navigated through these challenges, Charlie realized that dogs can help heal emotional scars and serve as a positive catalyst for physical challenges.  Throughout his life, he dreamed of one day, somehow, helping others through the healing power of dogs. Finally, in 2004, Charlie left his corporate career and with his wife, Sandy, purchased a 3-acre property in 2007 and built a home and kennel.