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Family Owned & Operated by Susan & Mike Henn
1152 North Broome St., Waxhaw, NC 28173
Business Hours – Monday – Friday from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm
704.243.2540Winner of the Union County Chamber of Commerce
2014 Excellence in Small Business AwardFull Service Truck & Trailer Maintenance & Repair
– Yearly Maintenance
– Complete Foreign & Domestic
Auto Repair
– Brake Boxes & Hitch Installation
– Gas & Diesel Truck Repair
– Custom Welding & Fabrication
– Bearing & Brake Repairs
– Lighting & Electrical Repairs
Trailering Tips!
When trailering your horse on long trips, it is standard practice to check on your horse(s) and their well being during the trip, but do you take the time to also check on your trailer and tow vehicle?
Before you get on the road:  Check your tires on tow vehicle and trailer and check fluid levels in truck. Be sure to have a tire gauge packed.
Unsure of what is the best pressure for your tires?  General rule of thumb is the maximum pressure listed on side of the tire.  However, due to load weight and type of vehicle, it can vary.  Henn Automotive is glad to take a look at your rig and help you figure tire pressures.
When you stop to fuel up or take a break: 
Walk around and check that your hitch connection, chains and plug connector are all secure.  These can come loose during hauling.
Check tires again, look and feel.  If a tire feels hot, it may be low on air pressure.
Tires that have the correct pressures prolong their life and saves you money!