Brock Griffith Horsemanship The Carolinas Equestrian

With winter fast approaching, many horse owners don’t have the luxury of an indoor with lights. Riders often find themselves wondering what to do besides grooming and basic care.

The best alternative is working on good, efficient groundwork. Groundwork not only helps us to keep our horses physically fit, but mentally healthy as well. If we groom and ride, repeating the same steps day in and day out, our horses can become complacent, bored, and anticipatory. Through groundwork exercises we can develop a much deeper connection and understanding, as well as sensitizing and desensitizing, and establishing leadership. We want to be careful to add a proper balance of both. If we do too much desensitizing, our horses don’t have a care in the world and become lazy. If we do too much sensitizing, they are alert and too hot.