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Trish cantering down centerline for the first time on Mercedes (show name "Inquisitive") at the Aiken Spring Fling in 2013.

It was 1AM on Sunday, December 24th. I was pushing my 26-year-old F-250 diesel to its limit flying down the interstate to the barn. Just a few hours before my good friend and equine massage therapist, Lisa, had texted me to let me know that our nearly 24-year old Oldenburg mare Mercedes was colicking. While Lisa had been leasing “Mercy” for the past three years, I hadn’t seen her the entire time and she basically was Lisa’s horse. I greatly appreciated her letting me know what was going on though, and at first neither of us were concerned – while Mercy didn’t have a history of colic, or really any health concerns for that matter, we did have a cold front coming in and a few horses I knew of had some minor gas colic issues recently. But when Lisa texted me shortly before midnight saying that even the vet was concerned, I knew I had to make the sixty mile drive to see her. What made it worse was that Lisa was 400 miles away visiting family for the holidays.