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Bobby PC: Alex Thomas

This summer has definitely been a new experience for all of us at MSH, we've been on two different circuits for the first time,  traveling separately and often showing in different states in the same week. It's not easy to run two disciplines out of one barn, sell horses, achieve goals, and keep everyone happy, If only we could clone ourselves to keep everything running smoothly! We have been extremely lucky to have such great people working diligently behind the scenes while we're away, our groom extraordinaire Orlando betancourth has been irreplaceable this summer! It's important in our sport to have a strong core built with people that ultimately become part of your "horse family".


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Team in our sport is so essential; being a professional in the equestrian industry often at times can feel exhausting and it takes alot of mental toughness to rise up when you get beat down. As an athlete I like to focus on self improvement, if your not reaching outside the box, meeting new people, and trying new things your not improving. Staying in your comfort zone is not going to get you to your goals!  So here we have it, the summer of self improvement, weather it be making your own path, generating a name for yourself, or re evaluating what you need to do to get that much better, you have to be the one to initiate change to become more successful. 


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Everyone who wants to be a champion, everyone that wants to be at the top has had or will have these moments of growth separating good from great, making the impossible seem possible. Throughout the summer our team has worked hard at growing our business, growing ourselves, and improving our quality of horses. 


Lots more to work on throughout our fall season, starting with stable view and tryon in October, We'll be blogging again soon to keep you up to speed!