Grand Times Eventing The Carolinas Equestrian 01 It’s crazy to look back on how far Aleta and I have come this year!  I remember looking at the beginner novice jumps and dressage scores after completing my last maiden event and being so nervous about how our year would go.  As usual, Aleta has been amazing!  We have reached all of our goals and more.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing horse and support team!

In addition to completing our goals this year, I have also set some goals for next year.  We have a few events planned already, including our first novice at Sporting Days this weekend!  My biggest goal for next year is to qualify for the AECs at novice.

In order to reach my goals, I have not only been working hard on horseback, but also in school and fitness.  I will be missing a good amount of school this year and I don’t want to get behind, so I must work fast and hard to get my work done.  Figuring out time management is a big goal.  I also have to take quizzes/tests during team time, (recess), in order to get my grades in on time. I have had to skip going to friends’ houses a few times in order to ride or prepare for a show.  My mom helps me keep things in perspective and I try to have a good balance.  In the end, though I feel any sacrifice is worth it.

Grand Times Eventing The Carolinas Equestrian 02 I downloaded an app on my phone that has a lot of workouts on it because I want to get a stronger core.  I do a workout every day and I do 30 sit ups every morning, as well as planking for a minute.  Every day I extend the amount of time I plank and how many sit ups and push-ups I will do.  I have noticed a lot of changes in my riding as my entire body has become stronger.  It’s made a big difference in how I work with Aleta.

This year Aleta and I have come extremely far.  Our dressage scores have dropped noticeably thanks to help from my trainers, Whitney Weston and Melissa Allen.  Our stadium and cross country keep getting more exciting, and I have figured out a great pace for us on XC.  I have learned over the years where we can afford to slow and speed up and it’s been working very nicely, though now with moving up to Novice, I am sure we will have to wiggle things a little!  As of now, Aleta and I are in first place for the NCDCTA Beginner Novice Horse of the Year Award!  We also won NCDCTA Beginner Novice Champion at the Carolina Horse Park’s War Horse Event Series Championship against a strong division of 32 riders.  It took me a lot of hard work, pushing myself and trying new things and made it the best year of my life.  I am so proud of Aleta, come on 2019!