Fame 1-w500-h500Our journey to the 2016 TB Makeover has been filled with tremendous highs and lows, much more extreme than I ever imagined. When I saw the first ad for the event, I was instantly attracted and moved forward full force. I searched through hundreds of horses, choosing a dreamhorse with goals that turned out to be more of fairytales. My horse, Paragon, and I worked through and overcame tremendous mental and physical blocks, but our under saddle progress was halted by old racetrack injuries surfacing about 90 days into the project. The prognosis from Dr Hay at the Tryon Vet Clinic was absolutely devastating, not suitable for any type of serious riding.


My heart was just crushed and I didn’t know where to turn. I loved this horse so deeply and had such an intense connection that I just couldn’t fathom what could be next for us. Surely I had thrown enough love and money at him, he had to be fixable. Sadly in the coming weeks I learned not only are injuries of this magnitude common, but also the lying and covering up of them, that the seller did to me, is too. My heart was shattered even more. How could these people destroy the beautiful, smart, talented horses before their lives ever really got going? How could sellers just stand there a lie straight to your face to make money? These were just so out of my realm of possibility, it was a hard lesson. How could I ever trust again? What would become of my beautiful, loving boy?

Fortunately it was summer camp season and I had a distraction that I loved. Each year groups of kids come here to learn more about horses and riding. This year I had learned so many more things that I wanted to share, that I was super excited about all the new presentations. Paragon became a tremendous demo horse and inspiration to everyone. Although the story seemed dark to me, the kids saw how much he still had to give.


Paragon loved the kids and he put on some fabulous Liberty demos for them! They were so inspired that by the end of the week, the kids had the camp horses trotting after them and doing tricks!

Now we are starting our demo team again with Paragon as one of the key players! Our demo team is meant to inspire and teach people how there are incredible, soft ways to communicate and inspire performance in horses (and humans)! I’m super excited to see what our next chapter holds!

fame 2-w500-h500

I also got brave enough to try again. After pouring over hundreds of horses again, I found another future star, Seeking Fame. Fame is 4yrs old and last raced 7/23/16. I had a full vet exam with X-rays done on him and he passed with flying colors, no more trusting the seller. Yesterday I had my first ride on him, it was too crazy to try to ride him during the two weeks he was here with camp, and he was unbelievable! I have high hopes of where we will go together, but I realize I must trust in God and in Fame to direct me. Paragon had other plans, I pray Fame and I share the same dreams. Either way, I know the journey will be fun and educational! Buckle up!