Introducing the TCE Marketplace

Introducing the TCE Marketplace: a more more economical advertising option for horsemen on a budget.

You asked, we responded! We recognize that everyone does not have the budget for a display ad in our magazine. But we hope to be an important resource for all of the Carolinas’ horsemen, providing a place for everyone to advertise their products and services. And so we are launching a Marketplace section, with some more economical advertising options.

The TCE Marketplace offers businesses and individuals a place to advertise whatever they want with text and/or pictures at a cost of $60 per column inch per issue. Reserve your place for the year (four issues) at a 25% discount ($180 per inch per year.) We are working on an online component to this section as well in order to increase the reach of any ad.

Please drop us an email if you would like to be included in the Spring 2022 Marketplace!

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