Southern Protocol Bridal The Carolinas EquestrianLisa and Joe Rice moved to Charleston. SC, over 30 years ago when his law practice opened an office there. Their daughter, Ann E., was about two and a half years old upon their arrival. The family has had horses for years and Ann E. began riding around age six with her dad.

In addition to being an accomplished equestrian, attorney with her father's law practice, wife and mother, Ann E. and her mother, Lisa, recently purchased Southern Protocol Bridal in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

Here are their perspectives on maintaining a balance with their busy lives.

Who have been some of your most memorable horses?

Ann E.: I have been lucky to have some amazing horses - some more difficult and some more famous. "Most Wanted" really introduced me to the national level of competition, he was my junior hunter and took me everywhere! One of my favorite memories with him was winning the under saddle at Harrisburg and Washington in the same Indoors Season as a Junior - it was my first real success at indoors. "Winning Style" was another great horse. I ended my junior career with and began my am­ateur career with "Ziggy." "Shem Creek" then carried me for 12 years at 3'6" which is unbe­lievable! I showed him until I was 4 months pregnant and everything in between. Shem is retired now, but he is still very much a pan of the family! "Galileo," AKA "Leo," is my most recent addition and is turning out to be the easiest one I have ever had in the way of prepa­ration and heart recent addition and is turning out to be the easiest one I have ever had in the way of prepa­ration and heart recent addition and is turning out to be the easiest one I have ever had in the way of prepa­ration and heart.

Lisa: "Shonufftuffstuff," AKA "Tuffy," was Ann E.'s first fancy pony. He was a little white pony that knew his job and did it well. I spot­ted "Larry Bird" in the schooling ring in Raleigh and picked him out the very week my mother passed away. Something told me he would be a great horse for Ann E. and "she" was right. Ann E. and Larry had many great years of juniors together. Ann E.'s trainers of 24 years, Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw, would always want me to see the horse first - before Joe. When Joe once asked how much a horse cost, Ron responded, "Well Joe, how much is it wortl1 to have your little girl safe and happy?" We have always gotten a big kick out of that and Joe has never really argued much since!

What led you to follow in your Dad’s footsteps and become a lawyer?

Ann E.: I remember going to the school job fair in first grade and we were supposed to dress up as what we wanted to be, and l dressed up as a lawyer. Dad never pushed me into the field, or really expected me to do it, but it was something I just always felt like I would do. The decision to join the firm and work with Dad was much more challenging. Dad and l struggled with being able to separate dad/ daughter and dad/boss, but it is working.

You’re now a mother and grandmother respectively, how has Beckett impacted your lives?

Ann E.: Beckett has changed so many things! I had to reevaluate and figure out how to balance work, wife, mom and equestrian all at once. So, I have really had to accept that rid­ing is my "therapy" and that I may not be as perfect or accurate as I once was when showing. Beckett absolutely LOVES horses, so I am hoping that as he gets older it continues to be something we can do together.

Lisa: I'll now go with Ann E. and Beckett to shows - Blowing Rock, Florida, wherever -only I am now there to watch Beckett versus a horseshow mom!

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What factors contributed to you recently buying Southern Protocol Bridal?

Ann E.: Mom and I buying Southern Protocol Bridal (SPB) was something that sort of found us. We had talked about it shortly after Tucker and I married because Mom and I had such a good time shopping for wedding dresses and planning our wedding, but it wasn't something we really searched out. We loved the "look" of the store meaning the quality and style of the gowns and felt like this was a good fit and if we were going to ever try out the wedding industry this was our opportunity, so we took the leap!

Lisa: When Ann E. was getting married we had such a fun time! We planned everything together ... with a few pointers from Tucker. We talked then about opening and owning a bridal boutique someday. There was a bou­tique that sold during that time and we both thought it would have been great to buy it and run it. When Southern Protocol Bridal became available we jumped at the opportunity.

Tell us about the boutique!

Ann E.: I would say there are a couple of things that make us unique - our designs, our designers, our high-quality product and our price point. Our target audience is the bride that is looking for that special dress, brides that want to be classic, on trend and beautiful without looking back in ten years going "what was I thinking" when they see a wedding photo.

Lisa: Southern Protocol Bridal was found­ed on the idea of a classic bride, but with a touch of modern sass. We always look to continue that unique style when we are adding inventory to our boutique. Our brides always seem to fit that description-classic, yet sassy and very stylish!

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What are your goals for 2018?

Ann E.: I would like to be able to find more time to ride for myself because it does me a world of good as a mother, wife and lawyer. For SPB, l want us to continue to broaden into the 'go to' boutique for debutantes and graduation as 1nuch as bridal. Our entire team really wants to show people that classic, high quality is not necessarily just about a price tag. Our past clients share that their experience in Southern Protocol Bridal was like no other. We want others to have that experience.

Lisa: I am learning all about social media and new designers every day. Fabrics and dress details have always fascinated me, so I continue to pay close attention to the new trends. My Grandma "Lisee" goals are to just spend as much time with our little guy as possible - loving, laughing and making memories.