Mustang Adoption in Monroe NC

There will be a Bureau of Land Management mustang and burro adoption at the Simpsons Event Center in Monore, NC from August 8-10, 2024. The adoption fee is 125, and approximately 100 animals will be on hand.

Under 21: Taylor Lovette

Taylor Lovette may not talk much, but she gets excited if she is talking about horses, especially if she is talking about her favorite horse, Pistol. Taylor is 16 years old and lives with her father and mother, Carlos and Jennifer Lovette, along with her siblings and grandmother in Hopkins, South Carolina. She rides at Dream Riders in Lexington, South Carolina, a nonprofit premier PATH International accredited center devoted to the cognitive, emotional, and social well-being of people with special needs.

Lessons Learned from Horse Shows

Horse people are tough, and horse people who show are even tougher. There are many challenges: Early mornings caring for, grooming and braiding your horse, navigating hectic warm-up rings, memorizing jump courses under pressure, fighting nerves in the show ring, handling success or defeat with equal grace and good temper.

Go Horse Show

Lovers of competition will tell you that there is no greater thrill than testing your skills at a horse show. Showing does more than simply give people a chance to prove whose horse or whose riding is best. It is also an opportunity to engage with a wider community of horsemen. It gives riders goals to strive for, and tangible results from their hard work.

Equestrians of the Carolinas: Georgia Coyle

Georgia Coyle has taken care of some the best horses in the world, all over the world. If you know anything about the golden age of showjumping, then names like Rodney Jenkins, Ronnie Beard and Robert Ridland, or horses such as Idle Dice and Southside give you a thrill. Georgia Coyle was there for all of it and she is still getting her horse fix at 70 years old at the breeding and layup farm she runs in Wingate, North Carolina with her husband Chris Coyle. “I’ve been lucky and I’ve had fun, and of course, worked hard,” she says.

Horses and riders standing in a pond

Beat the Heat

We are in for a hot summer. A worldwide warming trend combined with the El Nino weather pattern is bringing some of the highest temperatures on record to many places, including the United States.
Although some people may pride themselves on being tough enough to ride on even the most sweltering days, always remember that hot weather is harder on horses than on riders. Not only are they the ones doing most of the work, they also produce more heat and are more susceptible to heat stress than humans are. In other words, if you are hot, your horse is hotter.

Spring 2024

Our Spring 2024 edition features horse shows in the Carolinas, equine assisted therapy, modern horse shoeing and more.

Winter 2024

Our Winter 2024 edition features Steeplechasing in the Carolinas, Aiken, the fascinating Equus-Soma Bone Room and much more!

Fall 2023

Our Fall 2023 edition features trail riding, polo in the Carolinas and much more!

Top Three Considerations When Building Stalls

Your horses spend a lot of time in their stalls. Here are some tips to keep your equine companions comfortable, happy and safe. There are many things to consider when selecting stalls for your horse barn, including animal comfort and safety, functionality and style. Three of the most important factors are stall door styles, the design of the stalls, and what types of waterers and feeders you decide to use.

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