Summer Riding Camp

Summer riding camp for kids is about horses, and so much more. “I think that camp is a great opportunity for kids to get out in nature. They spend so much time inside, and with technology nowadays, that I think it is really important for them to get to slow down and just enjoy this wonderful earth,” says Margy Peterson.

Fall 2022

Our Fall 2022 issue features Ten Years at Stable View, The Willcox (Aiken’s Favorite Inn) the art of Morgen Kilbourn and much more.

Spring 2022

Our Spring 2022 edition features the 2022 Grand Prix Eventing Festival at the Aiken Horse Park, a New Age of Nursemares and more. Cover: Boyd Martin and Fedarman B winning the GPE festival.

We’re Back!

Lauren Allen and Pam Gleason announce their acquisition of The Carolinas Equestrian Maagazine.

Navigating the Working Student World

Karen’s favorite aspects of the working student life were being around the horses, as well as the life-long relationships she established at the barn.  She says that she and her group of fellow working students truly grew up together in every sense and are still in touch to this day.

Meet the Morgan

When looking into the Morgan breed, it’s clear from the start why so many people gravitate towards the breed – beauty, companionship, and usability.

Ten Songs for Horse People

Nas X Country Rap. Don’t get us wrong, we think its catchy, but there are a few other songs that more accurately capture our horse person spirit. Check out our Spotify Playlist “The Carolinas Equestrian” to hear most of these sing along worthy tunes!

Going With Her Gut – Profiling Elizabeth Ehrlich’s Success Story

When Elizabeth Ehrlich was working at a top international law firm in Manhattan, she never dreamed she would use the problem-solving and research skills she had acquired in the legal field to create equine supplements. Now, instead of managing tough cases, Ehrlich spends her days talking with riders about their horses’ health, overseeing her thriving business, and brainstorming new products.

Meet The Wild Horses of Corolla: Into the Wild

Windswept, sandy beaches, multi-story beach houses, beach towns with quirky names like Nags Head, and laid-back beach vibes are what people usually think of when they think of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. An image of Wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs is not one usually associated with the Outer Banks.

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