Dr Hombs-w500-h500By Kim V. Hombs DVM,CVA,CVH
Photo Credits: Atrium Animal Hospital

Summer Safety:

  1. Keep up the regular walks, but only in early morning or later evening. If it’s really humid or really hot, shorten the walk.  Take along water for your dog and watch them for signs of overheating.  Do not run them along side while you ride a bike in the summer.
  2. Do not take your dog for your errands in the car. Only time they should be in the car should be for destinations with them in mind.
  3. Keep your dog brushed and bathed to check for fleas and ticks. Feed whole real foods to keep healthy coat and skin that does not attract parasites.  Use essential oils based products such as Vetri-Science Repel Spray and Wipes.
  4. Wash off paws and underbellies after walks in areas that use lawn chemicals. Lawn chemicals are hazardous for us all.

Summer heat, please retreat if you have four feet!