For the past four years, Bob Hill’s horse Bonanza’s Silver Son, or Bo, suffered from insulin resistance and hoof abscesses due to his overweight condition. He was unrideable and his condition was not improving. Looking for answers, Bob began looing into addressing these issues from a nutritional standpoint.

Life Data’s Dr. Scott Gravlee, Bob, and Bo’s veterinarian worked in conjunction with one another to establish a new feeding program for Bo that consisted of Barn Bag® Pleasure and Performance Horse, Farrier’s Formula® Double Strength, and limited pasture time. This feeding program enabled Bob to lower the calories and sugars Bo received while still providing the nutrients that he required. After a one-year period, Bo successfully dropped close to 200lbs on this new feeding program.    

Today, Bo is at a much healthier weight, ridable, and no longer has issues with hoof abscesses.  Watch the video to hear Bob discuss this new feeding program.

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