Aiken Pony Derby The Carolinas Equestrian

Saturday, March 16, 2019
Presented by The Aiken Training Trials, Operated by US Pony Racing

Aiken Training Track • Aiken, SC

NSF Developing Rider Flat Race
For amateur young riders 15-21 years old on horses. Distance about 1 mile (or a distance agreeable to the field) on the dirt track. Riders are not to have won a sanctioned jump or flat race. Racing tack permitted, but will be inspected and may be requested to be altered by race officials. Catch weights. This race is part of a five race series sponsored by the National Steeplechase Foundation to encourage participation of young riders and give them a safe platform they can compete on. The rider competing in the most races in the series will receive a Charles Owen skull cap. Ties will be broken based on points earned in the series.

Pony Lead Line Trot Race
For ponies ridden by juniors, who have not reached their 7th birthday as of the first of the year. Ponies must have lead line attached to their bridle and must be accompanied by an adult. About 80 yards on the dirt. Walk or trot; entries breaking out of the trot must pull up immediately and resume trotting, excessive breaking will result in disqualification. Riders must wear ASTM approved helmets. Yoke strap, overgirth & protective vest are highly encouraged. Racing silks encouraged, proper riding attire accepted. Indicate pony size when entering. Two or more divisions if entries warrant. Riders in this category are not eligible for any other division.

Small Pony Flat Race
For small ponies (under 12.2 hands), to be ridden by junior riders not to have reached their 16th birthday as of the first of the year. About 2 furlongs on the dirt (main track).

Medium Pony Flat Race
For medium ponies (12.2h -13.2h), to be ridden by junior riders not to have reached their 16th birthday as of the first of the year. About 2 1⁄2 furlongs on the dirt (main track).

Large Pony Flat Race
For large ponies (over 13.2h, but not exceeding 14.2h), to be ridden by junior riders not to have reached their 16th birthday as of the first of the year. About 4 furlongs on the dirt.

Entries Close Sunday, March 10, 2019 at NOON.
Enter via All entries must be prepaid via PayPal by the closing of entries.
Entry Fee $30, PayPal:

Ponies may be measured race day to ensure proper division placement, USEF cards will be honored. Ponies/horses may only compete in one race on the day. However, ponies may be used in the lead line race and then in a non lead line race. Ponies who have run at the racetrack under TB racing rules in the last year are NOT permitted. All ponies must be at least 5 years old and have a current negative coggins and health certificate before they will be permitted onto the stable gates. Entries must have understanding of how the race day runs and are subject to pre-approval.

Proof of rider health insurance and signed release forms are required. Races may be combined, canceled, or split. Race order may change. Entry fees are non-refundable except in the case of cancellation.

NOTE: Whips and blinkers are strictly prohibited in all races. All entries must wear current ASTM/SEI or NSA approved helmets. All ponies, except lead line trot entrants, must wear overgirths, yoke/neckstrap, safety stirrups, safety vests and must have a proper bridle with a bit or a hackamore. All ponies should be healthy and sound, are subject to inspection, and may be turned away for any reason.