My name is Celia Cram and I am twelve years old.  I live in Aiken, South Carolina and I have been riding since I was three years old, with my grandmother, Mary Ann Parmelee.  My very first pony’s name was Good Golly Miss Molly.  We keep our horses at home, and other than mucking and feeding, my sister and I do all our own horse care.  My first show pony was named Helicon Abbey Road, and I got her on my eighth birthday as a surprise.  My father purchased Abbey, along with her two-year-old foal, a carriage, and a trailer without telling my mother.  Since we were boarding three ponies at a friend’s farm, we realized it was time to bring the ponies home.

That’s the Scoop  and Celia at Aiken Winter 2 in Aiken. We also ended up champion.

I competed successfully in the walk-trot and walk, trot, canter.  The Alder family from Tennessee, had a special pony named, Love Bug “Willie”, that I showed in the crossrails division and quickly moved to the regular small pony division. I qualified in 2013 and attended my first pony finals in Lexington, Kentucky.  He was fairly easy to ride but if you weren’t looking he would bite you.  The following year after Willie went back, my parents bought a green pony for my sister Elizabeth.  He was not ready for her so I got to train him.  We soon learned he was terrified of water bottles and one day when I was on him I drop my water bottle and he took off.   I fell and fractured my arm.  That didn’t stop me and several weeks later I showed him with a brace on my arm. From then on, Nate lived with water bottles in his stall.

Love Bug and Celia at Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show in July 2013. We ended up champion.

In early 2014, my grandmother passed away and several professionals help me out until we stayed steady with Robin Greenwood.  Kate Cardalico sent us a sale pony named Rockport.  He was famous and got leased right away.  Robin was sad that Rockport left, so she sent me a pony named Foxmor Wigglesworth.  He was beautiful and fun to ride, but he had a really hard lead change.  My grandfather started helping me with his changes.  After five months of work his lead changes are now automatic. This year, he and I started out in the medium green pony division.  We were champion at our first show and now are qualified for pony finals.  I have also started showing a horse named Internet ll in the pre-children’s hunter.   Kate Cardalico asked me to ride another sale pony named, That’s The Scoop.

Elizabeth and Celia at palmetto finals in Camden last year. My sister, Elizabeth, was seventh and I was first. My mom and dad are both in the picture.

I am currently showing her in the medium & green pony divisions.  The last two weekends I have shown her in the USEF pony medal and won the class both weeks.  Last weekend I was circuit champion on Foxmor Wigglesworth in the medium green pony division.  I was also circuit champion on Internet ll in the pre- children’s division.  Right now I am looking forward to the Aiken Horse Show.  An old fashioned horse show in the middle of Hitchcock Woods.  My favorite horse show of the year is the Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show. The best part is that it is in the mountains and every morning it is always foggy and cool.  I am so fortunate to have grown up in a horsey life in Aiken, South Carolina.  Aiken has so much to offer.  I have been able to ride show hunters, go cross country, ride sidesaddle, play polo, sort cattle, and drive a carriage.  My immediate dream is to win a ribbon at Pony Finals and eventually become a professional horseman.