The Fallen Unicorn The Carolinas Equestrian 01 “The Fallen Unicorn” is not just a book about unicorns, but tells a tale of horses from long ago. A frisky unicorn foal finds herself in trouble after ignoring her elders’ warnings, but instead of getting down or giving up, she decides to stay positive and see what kind of adventures would come next in her journey. By staying positive, the young unicorn is able to accomplish many challenges.

‘Crystal,’ the unicorn, proves to be unique and talented. People from all over want to have a horse like this of their own, and soon her descendants are spread all over the world. She becomes a mother and enjoys seeing her magical foals growing up, pleasing their owners, and excelling at whatever they did. 

Unicorns may be thought of as mythical creatures, which is partially true, but in reality, they live among us. Many horses we see or ride today are from the unicorn bloodline, you just have to know what to look for in order to spot them. In Navah’s newest children’s book, she explains all of this; the unicorn history in the horse world.

Navah Rae Ross Adams is originally from the small horse town of Sewickley, PA. Starting to ride at a young age, she loved horses and spent as much time with them as possible. Taking lessons, going to local shows, participating in fox hunts and pony club, she was very involved in the equine world. She was not only an equestrian, but was born to a family of artists as well, which was her other main interest.

“Finding a Job for Comet” was her first children’s book, written and illustrated her senior year of high school, and put together in a leather-bound cover by her art teacher, Mr. Carrier. That planted the seed of publishing the book one day, and she never gave up until that dream had come to pass. It is based off of a true story of horses on a farm she at first boarded her own unicorn, and eventually managed the private barn during college. 

Eventually, Navah found her way down south to Lancaster, SC, and soon the idea of the unicorn book came alive. As riders, there is the myth that everyone will have that one horse, their unicorn, and none other after that could ever compare. Unsure of how true that really was, Navah had to retire her show horse that she had rescued years ago, broken, trained, loved immensely, and didn’t want to think that she’d never have that connection with another horse. This sparked the idea of “The Fallen Unicorn” and a few years later, it is now available for the world to enjoy.


Excerpt from The Fallen Unicorn:

Once upon a time, very long ago, the world of horses had a much different look than it does today.  There were horses and ponies of all shapes and sized in every shade of red, brown, orange, black, and yellow that were very beautiful. The only difference was that none of them had a bit of white on them. No white coats, no white markings, no dapple grays or flea-bitten grays, no paints or appaloosas, no stars or socks or blazes! White in horses did not exist!
It wasn't until one fateful day, that an unfortunate event for one creature turned into an amazing adventure, that changed the look of horse history in the world, forever!