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Mustang Adoption in Monroe NC

There will be a Bureau of Land Management mustang and burro adoption at the Simpsons Event Center in Monore, NC from August 8-10, 2024. The adoption fee is 125, and approximately 100 animals will be on hand.

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Horses and riders standing in a pond

Beat the Heat

We are in for a hot summer. A worldwide warming trend combined with the El Nino weather pattern is bringing some of the highest temperatures on record to many places, including the United States.
Although some people may pride themselves on being tough enough to ride on even the most sweltering days, always remember that hot weather is harder on horses than on riders. Not only are they the ones doing most of the work, they also produce more heat and are more susceptible to heat stress than humans are. In other words, if you are hot, your horse is hotter.

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In Practice

In Practice

In Practice: Managing Rider Injuries

The old adage is you aren’t a “real rider” until you’ve fallen off your horse. It is estimated that around 20 percent of equestrians will experience some type of injury each year: that makes a lot of “real riders!” If you and your horse do part company, it is important to know which injuries are probably minor, and which ones are to be taken more seriously. How do you know if you are okay, or if you need medical attention?

Beautiful Barns

Top Three Considerations When Building Stalls

Your horses spend a lot of time in their stalls. Here are some tips to keep your equine companions comfortable, happy and safe. There are many things to consider when selecting stalls for your horse barn, including animal comfort and safety, functionality and style. Three of the most important factors are stall door styles, the design of the stalls, and what types of waterers and feeders you decide to use.


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