“What better way to test yourself than through a tough endurance race that immerses you in a unique culture and takes you to Mongolia, the spiritual home of equestrianism.”

Mongol Derby competitor 2017

This is the 9th Mongol Derby, featured in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest and toughest horse race. The 2017 race features 13 men and 29 women from eight countries riding 1000km across Mongolia on semi-wild horses.

William Comiskey was one of the joint winners in 2016 – and he’s back to try and win single handedly this time. Trying to stop him are 41 fearsome competitors including an Olympian, a cattle herder, a dairy farmer, a potato farmer, an ostrich rider, a dog sledder, a psychologist, an artist, a banker, a private investigator. And even a desperate housewife. Plus of course, the usual vets and riders of every type of horse on the planet. Although of course, many of them are yet to ride the Mongolian horses...


mongol derby pic

Julian Herbert @ Mongol Derby 2017

Here are the NC and SC equestrians participating in the Mongol Derby!


Julia Fisher, 65, Hartsville, SC, USA
A psycholinguist raised on concrete, asphalt, and steel, she moved to the land of pine forests, and took her first riding lesson eight years ago. She teaches experimental psychology, when she’s not competing in 50-mile endurance races on her first and only horse. She’s been riding the Derby in her sleep for the past three years – it’s time to make it real!

Rachel Land, 38, Easley, SC, USA (will ride with Clare Summers)
Rachel is so much more than a horse enthusiast, she is a "life enthusiast"!  A wife, a mother of four young boys, co-founder of Strong & Crazy, an equestrian performer, ostrich jockey, and endurance rider are a few of the adventures that have shaped her. Racing in the Mongol Derby is the next step in the pursuit of a full life and always wanting to dream big. 

Marianne Logue Williams, 54 Tryon, North Carolina, USA
First took her baby dolls aboard a raft (in her room) at the age of seven and explored the Amazon while single-handedly fighting off piranhas, pirates, and mutineering baby dolls. Moved out of her room and in to spearfishing in Florida, diving for urchins in the ice-cold winter waters of Maine, and home-schooling her two sons aboard a 55 foot sailboat while exploring Cuba, Venezuela, Panama... Riding the Mongol Derby (her first horse was a wild mustang) is a natural expression of Marianne's quest "to not go gentle in to that good night" but to slide sideways in to her grave -laughing like hell - while clutching one last cold beer in her weather worn hand.

Clare Summers, 59, Pendleton, SC, USA
Didn't get her first horse until the age of 34, but had the passion in-utero. Is an endurance rider in the southeast United States, but has ridden all over the country and done over 10,000 competitive miles. “In my ongoing battle with aging, the Mongol Derby allows me to test my physical and mental endurance in addition to experiencing a new culture, making new friends from around the world, and riding 26 incredible ponies.”