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For Meyerhoff Show Horses based in Statesville, NC, at John and Anna Gilberts 8 Bells Farm, to pack up and move a equestrian business south to Ocala, FL, for the winter is no easy task, as crazy as it may seem it has become almost necessary to make the move for most competitors with early spring goals and sales based businesses such as our own. For MSH with only a small group, mainly our competition horses and a couple sales prospects, we pack accordingly to what we need for each horse for roughly a three month time period. The packing frenzy begins and usually lasts anywhere from 2-3 days straight organizing, cleaning, and categorizing tack, blankets, jumps, dressage ring, hay, and feed etc. Once the packing is done, we drive 81/2 hours from Statesville, NC, and set up temporary shop at our new location in Ocala, Fl.

We like to do it in one trip driving straight through usually leaving at the crack of dawn to danica 2-w500-h500be able to show up with enough day light to unload and get settled, this year we will convoy with three trucks, two horse trailers and one camper, 1 dog, and 6 horses. Once we arrive its usually a mad dash for two days while we get everything unpacked, most of our horses are fresh off semi-vacation and need a spa day and new shoes before we start riding. After setting things up we resume business as usual with a couple light days of riding before returning to full work. Just a stones throw from the Hits Show grounds we have rented a small farm off 137th ave, with Danica mainly riding jumpers and Bobby having some up and coming eveners, its an ideal location for training our young horses, showing horses for sale, and still just a short trip to ship in for lessons and events. For the event horses Hits Ocala is as close to an Olympic atmosphere as they can be exposed to so we like all of ours to get the chance to get that kind of exposure. For us the winter season is a rare chance to be so close to so many top professionals in all disciplines, it provides a great opportunity to ride and train with the best of the best. We take full advantage and get in as much learning as possible, with such a fun atmosphere its a chance to get a lot of knowledge and motivation to carry with you throughout 2016.

Bobby Meyerhoff photoIts difficult with a small business of two professionals riding different disciplines to make everything run like a well oiled machine, it basically leaves you feeling like you need a clone at the end of the day. Until our business expands we are responsible for a lot of the work on a day to day basis, but many of you can relate that working from sun up to sun down seven days a week wether it be to jump in that sunday grand prix or into the head of the lake on saturday we as crazy horse people wouldn’t have it any other way. During our three month stay Bobby will be shooting for all the local events to get back in the swing, as well as some Adequan Gold Cup events in prep for Rolex 2016. Bobby is especially excited to be producing a very promising young horse Rascal Rap who completed his first one star last fall and will be improving at the one star level with goals of Danica Meyerhoff photo-w500-h500moving up to intermediate 2016. Danica is looking forward to getting more experience in the jumper ring at the upper levels as well as bringing along a potential grand prix prospect in her young 5yr old CasanovaII. Our return home usually is based widely on the weather, generally we like to ship home once Hits Ocala has the final week of showing at the end of March. If the weather is cooperative its ideal to get back to NC to work the upper level horses both jumper and eventer on the hills to better there fitness as soon as possible. Its always a little somber when the Ocala season comes to an end, but we are always excited to get the opportunity to be part of such a upbeat equestrian meca while hanging in the sunshine and palm trees away from the winter weather up north.

Our Fall season has wrapped up and the rain has been in full force for a soggy last few weeks, we are prepping for the RMI Benefit Horse Show, our final show of the season at the Raleigh State Fair Grounds.  With the show season winding down we’ve finally gotten the chance to do some work with some of our youngsters, fall for us entails the breaking process for a lot of up and coming youngsters, the next generation of hopefuls:) I will say I think were up to a new record of chestnut mares on one property,
bobby-w500-h500Cue – owned by Joan and Lee Howard, this mare is an outstanding 3yr old with huge jumper talent. We have spent the last few months working with her on the ground and under saddle and she is now w/t/c/trail ride with a lead change to boot. Very excited about Joan’s future with this mare!
Owen – A young stallion with huge potential in the eventing world, really excited to see where Bobby’s partnership with this one goes.
Tex – A 2yr old owned by Anna and John Gilbert bred by Jessica Fredricks has been getting his ground work down and learning the ropes with tack, trailering, and tying.
Heavenly – 3yr old dutch warmblood mare as cute as can be with possibly the kindest personality a chestnut mare can have, our working student gabrielle hutchison will be bringing her along and starting her eventing career next spring as a 4yr old.
Last but not least our two red headed twins! Cece and Lana have been learning about cross ties, good manners, and photo shoots. time can’t go by fast enough for these two girls to grow up and show us how amazing there going to be!
As our weekends become filled with a different kind of busy we always take the time to reflect on 2015; Our accomplishments, how we can improve our program, our stock of horses, and what we can do to better to get to the next level.
In a short period of time we have been lucky enough to establish a great foundation here in nc and grow a group of people who have been equally enthusiastic and supportive of the entire Team, and for that we are very thankful!
We have one last show of the season and then its will be time for turkey, holiday shopping, family visits, and recalculating for 2016!

The building process continues …. Dear Santa we want a barn for xmas!

And just like that its fall, summer has officially ended and my favorite season has arrived!!

sept 3-w500-h500Team Meyerhoff had a great show at the Carolina Horse Park, Rascal finished third, Rupert third, and Fortuna narrowly missing out on another training win by 1/4 of a point to finish second.
We’ve just returned home from Plantation Fields International also reffered to as Best.Event.Ever. I have now been to a show that had a Kangaroo, Australian Cowboy demo, and a kegger all in one weekend. We need more shows like this!! That being said our weekend was less than desirable … cut short when Bobby and Rascal took a tumble on Saturdays XC he wasn’t able to run token in the 3* the next day. Following an MRI on Tuesday it was confirmed that his hip wasn’t broken and he would be okay to ride by the end of the week. Talk about a relief given the fact that his leg looks straight out of Mr.Deeds the doctors couldn’t believe it was okay.sept 2-w500-h500
The Team will be prepping to contest the Morven Park HT in Leesburg, VA, we will be headed up early to ride and train with Karen O’Connor at the beautiful High Acre in The plains VA.
sept 1-w500-h500
At the farm Construction is in full swing and we are selling paradise tack out of saddle stick trying to ride our 3 yr olds around the arena to the sounds of dump trucks moving gravel, alas it will make them bomb proof in the long run!  We are beyond excited about the amazing new barn and arena and so thankful to all of our supporters and sponsors who are making this all possible, it takes a village.