Meyerhoff Show Horses

By Danica Meyerhoff
Meyerhof Show Horses 
Bobby alex thomas credit w500 h500
Bobby PC: Alex Thomas
This summer has definitely been a new experience for all of us at MSH, we've been on two different circuits for the first time,  traveling separately and often showing in different states in the same week. It's not easy to run two disciplines out of one barn, sell horses, achieve goals, and keep everyone happy, If only we could clone ourselves to keep everything running smoothly! We have been extremely lucky to have such great people working diligently behind the scenes while we're away, our groom extraordinaire Orlando betancourth has been irreplaceable this summer! It's important in our sport to have a strong core built with people that ultimately become part of your "horse family".
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Team in our sport is so essential; being a professional in the equestrian industry often at times can feel exhausting and it takes alot of mental toughness to rise up when you get beat down. As an athlete I like to focus on self improvement, if your not reaching outside the box, meeting new people, and trying new things your not improving. Staying in your comfort zone is not going to get you to your goals!  So here we have it, the summer of self improvement, weather it be making your own path, generating a name for yourself, or re evaluating what you need to do to get that much better, you have to be the one to initiate change to become more successful. 
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Everyone who wants to be a champion, everyone that wants to be at the top has had or will have these moments of growth separating good from great, making the impossible seem possible. Throughout the summer our team has worked hard at growing our business, growing ourselves, and improving our quality of horses. 
Lots more to work on throughout our fall season, starting with stable view and tryon in October, We'll be blogging again soon to keep you up to speed! 
Bobby and Dunlavin’s Token sharing a snack!

It’s hard to believe were already mid way through summer but everyone including horses, dogs, chickens, and people have made it back to our home base in Statesville, NC. The new farm is looking amazing and we are so thankful for such wonderful supporters like John and Anna Gilbert that have provided Meyerhoff Show Horses with an amazing barn, apartment, and Arena.  As summer heats up were getting ready for our up and coming shows, Danica will be taking some young horses to Sedgfield in Greensboro, NC, over the weekend, and Bobby will be looking forward to competing at the Loch Moy HT and CIC in Adamstown Maryland.

Last week MSH took a load of horses for the first time to TIEC in tryon NC, such an incredible facility with amazing accommodations! The jumpers were super, Casanova and Danica placing top ten in both 1m and 1.10m rounds, and Camouflage placing 5th in the 1.30m on Friday. Our other youngsters came along for the ride and got to experience the scenery at an A show, always exciting:) We have a relatively new set of horses in the barn this year.

Danica, Bobby, Wildcard and Levi – what a cute little family!

Our latest addition, about a month ago was Wildcard’s foal, Levi, this little guy is going to be something really special! Very excited that wildcard is such an amazing mom and already showing Levi the ropes, teaching him to follow in her footsteps. He has some big shoes to fill! Its been an exciting season so far with a lot of focus at the competitions being that of an Olympic year, Its always incredible to watch friends and fellow riders get the opportunity to represent their countries. Although it wasn’t an Olympic selection year for us its still been a huge year so far at MSH. Getting a permanent facility, working with companies to expand our networking, and updating our string of horses etc. Someone once told me its important to take a step back, give yourself a pin point that you can reflect on and go over everything you have accomplished since then.


One step at a time and you’ll realize how much you’ve accomplished. Success isn’t built in a day, over time you become a product of what you’ve spend years building. With that advice in mind we as a team keep pushing ourselves to become better throughout the season this year, looking forward to making more building blocks for the future!

The Florida curcuit as always has been such an incredible experience, it’s getting harder and harder to see the winter curcuit come to an end.  We continue to pinch ourselves every year we get to spend the winter gaining knowledge and experience under the palm trees doing what we love! 

All of the horses have been excelling through the levels and we’ve been able to get some wonderful tutelage along the way.


Hits Ocala has been very busy and the spring eventing season is just getting started!

With only a couple weeks left before the big close out million dollar Grand Prix Danica continues getting great experience with Grand Prix partner Camouflage, also starting his 2016 season next week at hits will be young hopeful Casanova II, a very promising horse for the future.  Bobby has had a great first outing at Rocking Horse HT taking the reins on fortuna and piloting her to yet another top ten finish. Our recently offered Syndicate Rascal Rap also breezed around the open preliminary in preparation for this weekends CIC1* at Red Hills HT in Tallahassee FL.

As the winter curcuit comes to an end and spring plans emerge, Rolex mania begins….aiming for his 3rd consecutive year Token has come out stronger than ever this season, taking advantage of fitness opportunities such as the Aquaciser, a hot walker with chest high water that they can w/t/c in. Tokens season begins at the Carolina horse park CIC3* where he’ll dust off his shoes in prep for the best weekend all year!


Spring plans for Meyerhoff Show Horses also include a new barn!! Three months has blown by and we are prepping for our return back to John and Anna Gilbert’s Eight Bells farm, Construction has continued in our absence and we can’t wait to see the finished product!