Meyerhoff Show Horses


Our August started off with a successful weekend for the team at Full Gallop Horse Trials in 8-27 pic-w500-h500Aiken SC, Rascal Rap 3rd and Fortuna 1st.

Next up we had a great time at our local jumper show at the Thoroughbred Training Center, so great to get some practice in for everyone between shows!

After the jumper show we took our three top horses to Middleburg VA for a week of training with five time Olympian Karen O’Conner. Super inspiring learning from the best and getting educational insight and new training techniques to use throughout the rest of our fall season.

barn-w500-h500Meanwhile at the farm …. Construction has been at the forefront the last couple weeks, our hay and supply shed is almost finished ! So excited to break ground and be one step closer to starting the barn and new ring!

We’ll be driving back to Statesville Friday night after our horses get a quick check up from our long time vet Dr. Susan Johns at Virginia Equine Imaging. We look forward to hosting and teaching the yanking valley hounds pony club clinic Saturday followed up by a team Meyerhoff XC school Sunday. Our next outing will be the Carolina Horse Park first week of September and we can’t wait!

image1-w500-h500Our first summer in the Carolinas

Experiencing the unique southern hospitality that shapes the Carolinas has been an experience in itself for us the last few months, from learning the expressions to learning to love bbq, and our first time trying grits it’s been wonderful thus far and needless to say it definitely grows on you!

Everyone we have met in the horse community here has been friendly and welcoming, I’d like to send out a special thanks to the Radtke’s at Paradise Tack for helping Team Meyerhoff with all our barn supplies, Dani Strousse at Blue Seal for keeping our horses looking in top form, and Sean McCashin for providing amazing quality hay to all our horses here at 8 Bells farm.

Construction for the barn and new arena has been finalized and we are preparing for a September full of the sweet sound of nail guns and heavy machinery, as torcherous as that is we can’t wait for the end result! A hot summer spent on 35 acres of no trees with nothing but your jumbo fans keeping the air moving will definitely make us appreciate an air conditioned tack room when all is said and done ⯑image2-w500-h500

We’ve taken the last couple weeks to focus on our students and train at home because we have a very busy fall season quickly approaching ! Monday’s have been designated to our evening clinics that have been graciously held by Beth McCashin at the thoroughbred training center in Mocksville NC, the rest of our week has been spent prepping for River Glen HT. It will be our first trip to Tennessee to show Rascal and Fortuna in their first training and prelim, two horses that we started ourselves and have brought up through the levels. In the last month we’ve also picked up a couple new and exciting horses to add to our team, one in particular you’ll be hearing about in the coming months!

wildcard baby-w500-h500Also in big news – We received news last week that our broodmare Wildcard is officially in foal to Amazing ( a son of Balou du Rouet) can’t wait for her to start producing top quality performance horses for Team Meyerhoff!

We’ll have show results and pictures of our newest members coming up next month!

Until next time,
Bobby and Danica

11391778_10152816174677056_7024368807227861829_n-w500-h500Our busy June schedule kicked off with the Middleburg HT held in  Middleburg, Va, an event that Bobby and I had attended many times in the past, also as some of you may know was home of the legendary you tube video “million dollar horse.” Ironically that was actually the last time either of us had been there. Our weekend flew by and both Rascal and Fortuna were foot perfect, both taking home first places in their training and novice divisions. 

We made the 5 hour drive home after my ride on Sunday to spend the next week at the farm prepping for the Great Meadow CIC3* as well as Surefire HT. 

We had a lot on our plate running two shows at the same time with no hired groom and perhaps we bit off a little more than we could chew in that department! We arrived Thursday and quickly got Token settled in and through in-barn inspections only to rush off and drop Rascal and Fortuna off at Surefire Ht. Our Friday was scheduled for Token to do his dressage test in the evening and the other two horses to get a light hack. Karen O’connor helped Bobby prepare for his test in between coaching the Mexican Eventing Team. For those of you who don’t know our horses, Token has been in our family for the long haul, He started his eventing career in 2005 at 4yrs old competing Novice. His first FEI competition was Young Riders and his latest was Rolex!  Token completed his first four star this year and will continue to gain experience and education around big tracks.  Dressage has never been his strong suit but he always gives you 100%.  His test on Friday went well and both Bobby and Karen were happy with tokens progression.

Saturday clocked in for a really long day, It started with Rascal competing in his one day at11391164_860395564010097_5870718947204286453_n-w500-h500training level at Surefire. Rascal was fantastic and proved he is ready to advance to the next level up at his next show. Once we wrapped up at Surefire we had caught word Show jumping times at Gread Meadow had been moved up an hour due to a severe storm they were expecting. We quickly drove to Great Meadow in time for the riders meeting and course walk for the CIC3*. The course looked great but challenging. Token had never jumped in the polo arena under the lights before but with the help of Team USA Eventing Show Jumping Coach Silvio Mazzoni token handled the course with his usual tactful style for a double clear round! By the time the last rider literally got their horse back to the tent the weather started turning for the worse. Winds started picking up, rain started blowing sideways, and shortly after tornado alerts started going off on everyones phones!  If i had to guess there were probably 1,000 people dressed up at there expensive ringside tables getting absolutely drenched with rain. It got bad enough that people started taking shelter screaming and making a run for the pavilion (the only solid structure) It took about ten minutes of being huddled in the pavilion for the storm to pass, once it did we were all ordered to evacuate because there was another cell on its way that was supposed to be worse! We ran back to the barns to check on our horses and we were met with serious flooding in the stabling.

IMG_1579-w500-h500What I love most about the people in the sport of eventing is that everyone grouped together riders, grooms, officials, organizers, and friends and started an assembly line of buckets scooping to drain water away from flooded stalls. A lot of people chose to take there horses off property for the night, we were lucky enough to be on an end stall and were one of the few that stayed dry. We were fortunate enough that there were no secondary storms and things were able to dry out overnight. Sunday morning was filled with much anticipation as always on xc day, Token was set to head out on course at 940. He warmed up great and before i knew it i was listening to the start box count him down. The Goal for token was to set out at a fast pace and try to make the time, and that he was,  looking fantastic around the first half of the course. Approaching fence 9 Token jumped off the bank to set up for a skinny and he lost his footing and slipped badly, he didn’t quite mentally recover from that and he was unable to finish. Most importantly both are safe and sound,  He is a very strong xc horse and is very complicated to ride to the narrow fences, something I can attest to struggling with when I was competing him at the upper levels.  A combination of speed and accuracy and not one or the other has to be obtained in order to execute theses tough upper level questions. Not the ending to the weekend that we had hoped for Token but he will be back to fight another day. 

Once Token was cooled out and wrapped we headed back over to Surefire to finish out the weekend with Fortuna. 

Fortuna was great in all three phases, a really exciting horse for the future . It was a great but exhausting week and we were so happy to be back home! it was great to see everyone and catch up with our VA friends. Were hoping to do some competing locally over the next couple months and cant wait to get some of our younger horses and students out and about! Until next time ⯑